You’re awesome at what you do. You use your creativity, imagination and intuition to bring value to the world. We’re awesome at what we do – business design. We use analysis, logic, and perspective to bring value to your business. When we collaborate and bring our minds together anything is possible in designing a better version of your business.


Entrepreneurship is hard work, but there’s nothing better than having the freedom to design your own future. Rob Leadley envisions a future where business owners can turn their skills into thriving businesses that support the lives they want to live.

A CMA-CPA by designation, Rob’s career was built on making decisions based on numbers, but his creative side drives him to challenge traditional business frameworks to help Measure’s clients define their own success. This work brings his greatest reward–seeing fellow entrepreneurs emerge from years of professional anxiety with a newfound sense of purpose, challenge and optimism.

Rob focuses his work in two distinct business areas: creative design services such as digital agencies, interior design, package design, etc., and food & beverage establishments such as restaurants, breweries, and wineries.

Rob lives on Bowen Island with his wife Mitsumi and commutes to Measure’s Gastown office a few days a week. Together, they own Shika Provisions on Bowen Island and Kuma in Tofino; both Japanese restaurants. In protection of the BC coast, Measure donates to 1% For The Planet with contributions to Raincoast Conservation.